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cpanel email smtp issues

Connection issues began a few weeks ago and have since gotten worse.  Normally takes multiple attempts now to send a single message.  I am using Thunderbird, but also have exactly same issues with PostBox and other clients.  I have also tried webmail and have same issues there as well. Error message typically says: The message could not be sent because the connection to Outgoing server (SMTP) **** was lost in the middle of the transaction. Less frequently there is reference to server timeout.  Now here's what's interesting.  If using Thunderbird I can open account settings and select "Edit SMTP server..." then click on "OK" (without changing anything) and the message will transmit on the very next attempt.  This is repeatable and 99% consistent.  Note also that from the same email client I can send messages via ATT or Gmail without ever a problem.  So this pretty much isolates the problem to cpanel/DNS setup.  I've checked that and I believe all the necessary DNS records are present and correct.  Perhaps there is an extraneous record  but I would not know how to identify it.


Hello @Jim43 and welcome to the Community!


I apologize for the late welcome and response. Were you able to get this issue fixed and do you mind sharing how for other end users who may experience this issue?


If you were not able to get this issue fixed, I was able to find a help article to assist verifying if your cPanel DNS records are correct:


Again I do apologize for the delayed response and hope the help article was able to assist with confirming if your DNS records are configured for your cPanel domain.

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