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form submissions not going to multiply emails


I generated a php form submission from Adobe Muse. Its set up to go to multiple email addresses separated by a comma like this:, **bleep**' Problem is it goes to the first email but not the second. Another problem, my php for is set up to show the from from address as the sales person. But the form submissions received show it coming from the email address registered to the account. This is how the php script reads:  'email' => array(
'from' => '',
'to' => ', **bleep**'

any suggestions how to fix the appreciated. Thanks


Re: form submissions not going to multiply emails

Hi @chuckgaudette

I am not an expert in regards to this. But I did some research and was able to find some info within the Adobe support forums here. Hopefully that will help get you in the right direction. In the meantime, maybe another member with prior experience to this subject could offer more insight.


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