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    How to start Backlinking of my website?

    I have a domain whose name is iccct.cricket and i have done many articles on this site and now i want to start backlinking of my site. From where i starts? Please suggest me some strategies or methods for creating links to my site? 

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    Re: How to start Backlinkig of my website?

    @clay_berry   To get backlinks you have to have really unique content worth linking to.  But first onliners have to know your site content exists, right?   Not an easy proposition for new sites now-a-days.


    You have to get the word out about your site, be social, participate online and be visible.  Then folks find your site and if they like what they read, they may link to you.


    In my experience folks don't link to other sites like they used to.  It really has to be super helpful great content that is worth linking to.  Here's an article that you may find helpful:


    Natural Link Building 101


    HTH! 😉

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    Re: How to start Backlinkig of my website?

    Thanks Muse for sharing your precious opinion.


    Re: How to start Backlinking of my website?

    I have always felt that this is where the sweat equity part of having a website comes in. There are tools to get linked on sites such as the big directories but you need to put some time in creating local backlinks.


    Getting local backlinks requires guest blogging and replying on blogs and discussion boards that will allow you to link to your pages in exchange for the awesome content you help them with. Find some websites that are complimentary to the website you are trying to boost with the backlinks and that you can connect with the owner of. When you work with locals there is more of a sense tht you are "fighting the same fight" to get your site noticed and then you can expand out from there.

    Re: How to start Backlinking of my website?



    I will suggest you to add some quality content on Blogging sites, Press Release and Article .




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