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cannot to specified mysql Host

I am getting from 4 days that cannot connect to the specified host or server is not responding. I tried on different computers, different internet providers, different location or even different like  MySQL workbench and visual studio. I am still not connecting. but I tried each and every possible option but still the same error but help me, someone.

Resolver VI


  • DNS: online name resolution
  • Changing your web browser
  • Deactivate firewall
  • Restarting the router
  • Selecting another DNS server
  • Deactivate the Antivirus

If the above solution does not work then try this.

The problem occurs when you use a different port number other than the default port number "3306" while configuring the MySQL Database Server. and Don't mention the port number in the Connection String.

Try the following connection string: (replace 3306 with your specified port number for MySQL)
"Server=localhosr:3306;Database=Mydb;User ID=root;Password=xxxx;CharSet=utf8"

If you don't want to change in your code then, re-configure the MySQL database server with default port number "3306".

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Tvisual studio error.JPGhank you for your reply,

I tried all these solutions but still, I am getting an error that the server is not responding. Even every time, whenever I try to connect MySQL server from Visual Studio or Workbench. it gives me an error that "unable to connect to any of the specified Mysql Host". At the same time, the number of aborted connections on Plesk is increased by one. it seems like Host is denying remote access.