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Add Site Seal Someplace Besides Footer?

I would like to have my site seal displayed somewhere besides the page footer. So far, it hasn't let me. Is it possible? If not, why is it limited?


I've had to hide the seal entirely on mobile pages because it takes up too much space in the footer, which is why I wanted to be able to place it somewhere else for mobile pages (like the header, which has plenty of room since it's just a bar with a hamburger icon.

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Re: Add Site Seal Someplace Besides Footer?

One you filed the simple steps in Find my site seal code @TenebrousNight I was going to suggest the next step as customizing the code a bit. @oslinux had a really good example of this in the Security seal thread.


You might want to even consider replacing the image with text on your mobile site so that it could fit better on your footer? I hope that helps? 


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