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Generate a CSR (certificate signing request)

Any help will be appreciated.


  • Ordered Standard SSL Certificate from GoDaddy
  • I have two Domains on my hosting account.
  • On the setup page under the section "Select a domain hosted with us" the drop down menu listed only one of the two hosted domains.  Unfortunately, it was not the domain I purchased the certificate for.
  • Generate a CSR (certificate signing request) was the only other choice available
  • In instructions said:
  • Open WebHost Manager, In SSL/TLS, click Generate an SSL Certificate Signing Request.
  • There is no SSL/TLS item on my cPanel page.  There are no security options available to me.

Anyone know how to solve this problem?  I called support and they told me that only my primary domain is supported for auto set up.


I am disappointed that the domain I purchased from GoDaddy will have to its Certificate set up manually by myself.


Re: Generate a CSR (certificate signing request)

Hello @agreenwood!


Thank you for posting. I'm sorry for your disappointment. Have you tried using these instructions to install your SSL Certificate? 


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Re: Generate a CSR (certificate signing request)



Did you managed to make the SSL certificate work for your other domain ? I am having the same Problem and support says to generate the CSR but no were inside my hosting manager panel i see it.


I feel like i just wasted my money

Re: Generate a CSR (certificate signing request)

Same problem here. GoDaddy's instructions do not match their own services provided. Been pulling my hair out for over a month. Often the links send you on a round-about. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Generate a CSR (certificate signing request)

Hi @urbanarchery,

Sorry to hear that you're so frustrated! If you haven't done so already, I suggest that you contact our customer support team to have them look at your account and troubleshoot with you to get this fixed. You can reach them in your local area at All the best!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Generate a CSR (certificate signing request)

Hi all,

Here's our instructions for generating a CSR (certificate signing request) If you need more info, then you can check out all of our articles on SSL certificates. Hope this helps!