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Getting an .htaccess Error when trying to install Classified Ads script in cPanel

I am getting these errors when trying to install classified ads scrip.  Database was created. I have to enter  info in the fills below then hit install.  I know info entered is correct.  Error messages are at the bottom of page.

Gold Classifieds - Installation
Enter variables to all these fields.
If you don't have a mysql database, ask your server admin to create one for you.
Mysql database host
Try to enter "localhost" if you are not sure.
Mysql database username
Mysql database password
Name of your mysql database
Prefix of all tables which should be created in the database. English letters only.
It is useful if you need install it more than one times and have only one database. Do not change it if you are not sure.
Full path to the folder where the scripts live.
Value predefined in this field should be correct. Don't change it if you are not sure that it's incorrect. No trailing slash.


Created file '/home/my user name/public_html/my website name/data/data.php'.
File /home/my user name/public_html/my website name/data/.htaccess' already exists. Skipping.
File '/home/my user name/public_html/my website name/styles/_common/templates/.htaccess' already exists. Skipping.
File '/home/my user name/public_html/my website name/styles/_common/email_templates/.htaccess' already exists. Skipping.


Any ideas will be very helpful.