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HTTPS not working for all my domains?

Hi guys,

Here is the case. I have 3 domains registered with Godaddy. One of them is my prime domain, next two are forwarded to the prime one. The prime one is showing that the page has https, BUT if i try to open my page with some of the forwarded domains, forwarded domains are showing http. Do anyone have an idea, why is that and what i need to do?

Thanks in advance!





Thank you for your post. Unfortunately domain forwarding with masking will not be able to resolve to https as there would be no way to install an SSL to the forwarding domains. 


If you are only forwarding without masking and the primary domain is the URL that shows when the site resolves after going to the forwarded domain, this means that in the settings the URL will need to be adjusted from http:// to https://


Here is a help guide to update the forward settings


Hope this helps!