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How to transfer the EV SSL cert from GoDaddy hosted web site to AWS site.

Current web site for my domain is hosted on GoDaddy.  The GoDaddy issued EV SSL cert (2 year plan) for my domain but it has been applied to the website hosted on GoDaddy.  It is working on this site.


But, I want to migrate the website to an AWS setup.  Under the SSL/Certificates panel, I can see the cert but the "download" icon is greyed out (disabled).


What is the procedure to create a "downloadable" version of this cert so that I can install it on my AWS web server?




Hi @knura9, thanks for posting.

To install the SSL on a different server, you will need to re-key the certificate. Re-keying it will remove it from your GoDaddy hosting plan. See the steps here:


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