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I get an "unexpected error" when I try to add a second SAN to my SSL certificate

My primary hosting is I added a SAN for my website. That website is up and running fine. I'm trying to add a SAN for and I get the unexpected error when I try to submit that. When you try to access you get a insecure connection error with the option to report my website! Great! That's all I need!


This whole process has been a comedy of errors. Mostly from my end (because I really don't know what I'm doing), but also on Godaddy's support end too. I was trying to save money by eliminating my SSL package (for 5 certificates). So I deleted it and all hell broke loose. None of the websites were working. So I call Godaddy support and the only way to get them up and running was to re purchase the ssl package! So far only is up and running. I need up too. How do I assign a certificate to it?