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I purchased an SSL Cert but i can not install it because godaddy fails to validate my domain.

I purchased an SSL Cert but i can not install it because godaddy fails to validate my domain. 

I created the godaddy.html file in the correct folder as instructed. 
I creaded the TXT dns record as instructed but it will not validate.


I do not have my own domain name. My domain is but it should still work right?

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Re: Cant verify domain ownership.

Hi @bradsnexus,

That's probably the issue here sorry to say. An SSL certificate is a trust certificate. It encrypts the data being sent between site and visitor and gives them the knowledge that their payment or whatever are secure. There is nothing really special about the certificate itself, as certs can be self signed and still you would have a secure site. The special bit comes in when the person issuing the certificate has stated that your information and details have been validated and checked. Also that you really are 'Joe Blogs' who lives at 'example street' in 'Nowhere Town'. Also that you are the owner of the site it is attributed to, nobody else...... you.

You can't validate a domain that isn't yours, that's the job of those who issue the certs!! 


You can very easily remedy this by buying your own domain and applying it then.

Best of luck.

Any other assistance would be best coming from support Smiley Happy

Re: Cant verify domain ownership.

I got it now. Thank you for your help

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Re: Cant verify domain ownership.

You're welcome 😊 

Domain activation issue after transfering domain to godaddy

I have transferred a .cn domain from one of other vendor to Godaddy successfully 3 weeks ago.

My account is company account Godaddy is asking for submitting Passport and driving license. How can we have driving license and passport on the company address?

This is very worst situation as I have contacted many times for support and not resolved yet and my site is down for last three weeks.  I can’t find any responsible person contact number or email id listed on the website for explain the real issue and resolve it.


There is customer care number; they are acting as call center only. They cannot give any solution last 3 weeks.

I hope you people can give a solution here.

Cant verify domain ownership.




I can't either. I have bought my domain and have also got the godaddy.html returning correctly


anyone help?

Unable to verify domain by either method (Domain Name Zone or Webpage)

Alas, I am unable to verify domain authority by either method to get an SSL certificate.


If I use Domain Name Zone, and the domain host is using Plesk, I am now required to enter a "$" (instead of the old method of naming the TXT file DZC). Unfortunately, some versions of Plesk treat the $ as a space, so do NOT allow the TXT record to be created - or will not allow $ as an input character at all. Creating a TXT file with no name will not work and fails validation. I have tried using the "old" DZC name, but that fails too.


I am unable to use the web page method if the SSL is going to be used for an Exchange Server, as to do so would need Port 80 to be left open for validation. Moreover, to get IIS to give up the webpage [/.well-known/pki-validation/godaddy.html] would mean comprehensively reconfiguring security on the [OWA] website, potentially exposing the mailserver. This problem is increased if the Server is running Exchange 2013 or higher, as the requirement for "Autodiscover" is all but mandatory, meaning exposing a second website to the internet without SSL/HTTPS (so IIS gives up the page /.well-known/pki-validation/godaddy.html).

Are there any solutions for this?

Cant verify domain ownership.

Hello there!

I have a domain ( through Ipage.I purchased an SSL certificate on godaddy , but I ran into problems in the veryfications process. When I get the email with my ID , it has already expired one day before , even though i got the email today. I used the  HTML process , everything looks like it should but there is an error regardless.

Could the problem be that I was on thr UK godaddy?  I am in Hungary , so I chose the closest english server..

Re: Cant verify domain ownership.

I created the godaddy.html file in the correct folder as instructed. I creaded the TXT dns record as instructed but it will not validate.plz check my domain

Re: Cant verify domain ownership.

Am having the same issue. We have set up both but am going nowhere with tech support.