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Just moved my site, and now I'm getting "This site not secure" error

So I just finished moving a website from Siteground to Godaddy, (it's and now I constantly get a "This site is not secure", "This connection is not private" in Chrome and Safari. Just for giggles, I've tried plugging in https://... and http:// both and I still get the error. I'm not sure where to look to fix this one.


Any ideas would be awesome!. I've also cleared all cookies and data from both Web browsers and tried again, just to try some easy stuff first.

Community Manager

Hi @CeltNinja. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


That error would generally indicate that your site doesn't have an SSL Certificate. The error I'm seeing is being generated due to the site getting redirected to HTTPS. I'm guessing you had an SSL Certificate with your previous host. If you want to continue using HTTPS, you'll need to install a certificate on your hosting with us. Since you appear to be hosted on cPanel, you can install a 3rd party certificate if your provider allows you to re-key it. Otherwise, you'll want to purchase and request a new SSL Certificate. 


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