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No Padlock with my SSL?



So I just bought a DV Certificate today(2/13/19). I implemented it and I went into WordPress and I used One Click SSL to implement it all over the site. But when I go onto it (, I get the "i" in a circle rather than the padlock. Why is this?


I looked up solutions online, but nothing I could find has fixed this issue.

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Re: No Padlock with my SSL?

Hey there @chalaw,


This is due to the fact that website is still trying to deliver content over a non-secure connection. You just need to do a search and replace on all the URLs to make them HTTPS. With a WordPress site, the easiest way to do that is a plugin called Really Simple SSL. Install, run, and you should be good to go.

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Re: No Padlock with my SSL?

So I used Really Simple SSL, but it did not change anything. I viewed the Page Source and 2 instances of "http://" One was a google maps link and one was a script I do not fully understand. Could it be one of these two instances that is preventing the lock symbol?