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Secure Connection Failed on Staging Site



We're having issues accessing the staging section of our WordPress website. In all browsers we get some variant of "Secure Connection Failed". In Firefox specifically I get error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP.




The regular (non-staging) site works fine (in https) but not the staging site in either http or https. sFTP works normally, and non-PHP files seem to be accessible through http also. (i.e. http://example/robots.txt would be accessible)


Interestingly if I go to phpMyAdmin and edit "siteurl" and "home" under wp_options to change our URL from https to http then our site will work under just http, this obviously is not ideal since we want to have a secure site.


Anyway hopefully this makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Re: Secure Connection Failed on Staging Site

Hello, I've just found your post by googling the same error code. Did you ever get to the bottom of it? I am trying to resolve this at the moment.

Many thanks



Re: Secure Connection Failed on Staging Site

If I remember correctly we ended up having to call GoDaddy tech support and they were eventually able to fix it, I don't think we were able to fix it ourselves. Hope this helps.