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Security seal


     I got SSL working on my site, and would like to proudly display the GoDaddy security seal in English and Spanish.

On, in the form titled "Display your SSL Certificate security seal", there are numerous choices for languages. Each displays a different preview of the security seal based on the language. However the JS snippet associated with each language stays exactly the same.

I use poedit on my site to display different languages, however when the code snippet is the same for all languages I can display only English.

Shouldn't the code snippet be different for each language? Can someone tell me what I might be doing wrong?



Helper V
Helper V

Re: Security seal

I did some checking and it looks like the script causes the image to display at the bottom. and uses a SealID that tells the code what image to display. It looks like the Seal ID is not updating. I got the same result when testing.  However you can display the images directly and skip the godaddy script.


Spanish Light:
Spanish Dark:

English Light:
English Dark:

Here is some sample code you can use to display the siteseal on bottom left like the godaddy code should. The sample code listed below is the bear minimum you would need. You can add to your site in the approperate sections and the site seal shoul display. you will need to call the correct URL for each language needed.

English site right click and select save as to get the html file(unable to post the sample code)

Spanish Seal 


to see it in action you can go to



Re: Security seal

Thank oslinux for confirming. 

I didn't know if it was a problem with the GoDaddy form, or if I was going insane because the code snippet wasn't updating!


Re: Security seal

How can i activate my McAfee security seal on my website?

Here is my website link:

Re: Security seal

Thanks. None of the links seems to be working. I would actually like to put the seal local to my server, but then I would need to find a way to link to the code behind the original seal. Is that even possible? I wouldn't think it acceptable, because it would devalue the seal itself.