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Site still not secure

In SSL/TLS I have the website/domain I want to use as a green padlock under "Manage Installed SSL Websites" (document route /public_html).


I have then installed WordPress and the plugin Really Simple SSL


It appears to work and

SSL activated!  Don't forget to change your settings in Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. More info. See the settings page for further SSL optimizations.



When I visit site, it is still a red triangle and "not secure"


Can anybody think of any steps I have missed?

Super User 2020

It appears the SSL certificate is self-signed.  It would need to be issued from a trusted authority for the browsers to accept, otherwise each visitor would need to manually accept the certificate.

It was issued by GoDaddy. Perhaps I haven't processed it properly.

I will take a look at your link.

Thanks for your reply.


The link takes me to the purchase of a certificate which is what I already have - £45 per year.

I have just gone to the uninstall bit and selected the domain and saved again


It shows:


Upload DocumentationIf we need this, we’ll let you know.

Certificate Details
StatusDomain nameEncryption StrengthValidity PeriodSerial NumberHosting
Pending Verification ()
GoDaddy SHA-2


Does it matter that one is, and the other


Pretty sure I did this already and got a response from GoDaddy.

And just like magic, the padlock is there?

Thanks again, @Nate - pushed me in the right direction.

Looks like it was GoDaddy's error:


There was an error on the certificate they sent over.
To correct it.
Go in to
 my products 
Click on ssl certificate manage
Click on rekey & manage. 
Click on re-key certificate. 
Then paste your hosting in the box.
It should install in 24 -48 hours.
Let me know how it goes