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UCC SSL Add More Slots


We currently have a UCC certificate with 10 slots. We need to add more sub-domains. Can we accomplish this with our current UCC SSL? It's already too late for us to refund our certificate I think.


Thanks to advise.

Community Manager

Hi, @jollero. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Once a UCC certificate has been purchased, it's not possible to increase the amount of SANs that are included with the certificate. You would need to purchase a new certificate to cover additional domains. If you were to purchase a Wildcard SSL Certificate, that can be used to cover an unlimited amount of subdomains, if you think you may continue to need more. Finally, if the certificate was purchased more than 30 days ago, you would not be able to request a refund for it. If less than 30 days, please reach out to our support team to see if a refund is possible. 


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I recently purchased UCC SSL for 5 domains. Somehow, the certificate is only installed on my primary domains and dont get option to extend it to other domains?


Any help much appreciated, godaddy tech help was of no use since 2 days....





We'll need more information to give you some advice. For instance, are you using IIS7? How many servers are your hosting environment?

If in any case your using IIS7, you may probably just need to create HTTPS bindings for each IIS site which needs a certificate. As long as the domain binding is present on the certificate, you should be ok.

Let us know.



GoDaddy seems to only do phone support. Best to call them up with their local number in your country.