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Validating domain for AWS ACM

I have requested an SSL certificate from AWS and I opted for DNS validation. Now they are asking me to add a CNAME record. They have provided me the following to be used:


Name:  [Host field on GoDaddy]
Value: [Points to field on GoDaddy]

Now whenever I provide this using GoDaddy DNS interface, it throws an error saying for 'Points to' field:


Enter either @ or a valid host name such as: "subdomain.domain.tld"


Can anyone help me in resolving this issue? Thanks


I am having lots of other issues trying to do the same thing, but based on that particular error message, I would consider removing the '.' at the end of the 'points to' field.  I have never included it or gotten that error message.

Did you ever get this sorted out? I am running into the same issue. 

No.  I never got a reply and had other things come up in my life.  Let me know if you ever figure it out!