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What happened to the SSL Manager / ability to buy/manage certificates

Hi all,


logging into my products I notice there is no mention of the SSL certificates. Checking the profile bar top right also no mention of the SSL Certificate Manager.

Anyone know what is going on? I managed to find a cached "SSL Certificate Manager" page but upon clicking it re-directs you back to the Myproducts page with just Domain information on it.


Any advice / updates appreciated.




ps I have a few certificate registrations as it is but cant find them anywhere on the site.

Helper I

I believe it depends on what hosting package you have. A friend of mine is on a standard one and he doesn't have the option to manage SSL's. I am on the shared hosting deluxe package and I have the option in cPanel to manage SSL's.

You can obtain SSL for FREE and install it yourself in GoDaddy.


Below, I've explained how I did that and I hope you find it useful.


Good luck!