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disabling RC4 with Deluxe hosting

Anyone know how to disable RC4 with the Deluxe hosting plan?


An SSL certificate is installed and working, but the resulting encryption is weak due RC4 being used with TLS instead of something newer and stronger.


Re: disabling RC4 with Deluxe hosting

I am having the same issue. Did you find away to disable it?

Re: disabling RC4 with Deluxe hosting

Nope. Poked around a but more, thought .htaccess directives could do it but did not find a way. GoDaddy seems to configure to the lowest common denominator.

Re: disabling RC4 with Deluxe hosting

I'm learning that I agree with you. It really isn't much protection with this RC4 cipher suite enabled, but on the surface it looks secure. I did find a plugin called Really Simple SSL that has solved most of my security issues. They have a Pro version that will secure site cookies and a security scan feature. I did not find away to disable RC4 or Heartbeat (extension) issue. Please share fix if you find anything and I will do the same for you.


Really Simple SSL Free Version 

success SSL is enabled on your site.
success Mixed content fixer was successfully detected on the front-end
success An SSL certificate was detected on your site.
success 301 redirect to https set: WordPress redirect
success HTTP Strict Transport Security was enabled
warning Secure cookie settings not enabled. To enable, get Premium