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Incredibly Disappointed when Changing Phones

Need to share this terrible news...


I had SmartLine installed on my iPhone and with app installed using my only Apple ID.  Subscribed and using the number, but rarely, which is fine.  Was always intended for low-usage.


Upgraded to newest iPhone when it came out a few weeks ago.  SmartLine still charging me, and app was on the home page.  Didn't realize that it would need me to open again.  Now you might be thinking "Ah what a dummy, he didn't open it and restore his purchases"--




I open the app after someone said they tried calling but couldn't reach me.  It's a brand new app asking me to Create Account or Sign In.  I Sign In and it asks me to choose a new phone number.  Except I'm already paying for the old phone number.  Only option I see is to delete the subscription and resubscribe but then I lose the old number.


This is really a terrible design flaw.



****UPDATE**** I tried canceling the old subscription and starting a new one, and even THAT isn't possible.  App Store says that old subscription will continue through Dec 5 with no other option.  Trying to book new subscription says "will start Dec 5" and then the whole process fails!


PS: How do I request a refund of the month that I wasn't receiving calls since I can't even recover that number?!

Product Team

Hello @thespis 


Sorry to hear about your experience.  Even after switching phones, you should be able to access the service.  You'll need to sign into the correct account with the active subscription.   It sounds like you may have used another account that doesn't have the subscription.


We'd be happy to help you out, call us at 480-463-8715 or email us at for further assistance.