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SmartLine Text Size

Tried the SmartLine trial a few times. LOVE it. However I HATE, HATE, HATE how small the text is and that I would resize when I change the phone setting text size. This is a huge deal as I can't read the small text. You guys need to get that together soon. I've been waiting for 2 years and still nothing. About to sign up with a competitor instead just because of that.

Product Team

Hello @DesertPools 


Thanks for the feedback!  This is something we plan on supporting in the future.  Unfortunately we don't have a shareable ETA for you yet.




Text is one of the main functions I use and the 2 point text size is unreasonably small. Is this being actively addressed?

I’m starting to think they find care about the SmartLine app at all. I went else where and have been much happier.
Getting Started

From what I've seen iPhones and iPads have a feature where you can increase the size of the text in most if not all applications

For several apps this is correct. Either the system text size will change the app text, or you can change a particular app text size. However, SmartLine doesn’t allow either option. So the text is tiny.