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503 Service Unavailable Error

My corporate website is having 503 service unavailable errors every few minutes. It is on European server.


I know the standard response is to check the plugins, but it is not the plugins, because there are no plugins and this website isn't even up.


And this seems to be a global issue with other Managed wordpress customers too. Have a look here


If some work is going on in the back-end, please be upfront about it.

Not applicable


Is your site hosted with godaddy?

Yes of course. I am on a Managed WP Ultimate plan.


The 503 errors are gone for now. It was definitely something in the backend. 


This is the first time I am experiencing this kind of service from Godaddy managed WP. The reason I chose managed WP solution was because I did not want to deal with the never-ending headaches of shared hosting.


Things can go bad. It is not that. The problem is that unlike other larger apparatuses, Godaddy seems to lack basic communication skills. A simple status page that actually does update on the network issues (properly) would save them thousands of customer service calls.


Heck even a large DNS provider like cloudflare has dozens of network failures every week but they at least keep every one up to date.


Clients would not bother Godaddy, if the status page is correctly updated.