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Adding phone number to the header on my page

Hello! I am a newbie here. I want to add our office phone number to the upper left hand corner next to the header.  I am doing this so people can easily see it.  I currently have a Velux theme. I currently have it on the menus.  Would like the phone number to be kind of like a button.  Thanks.


Here's my website




Super User II

Unfortunately, as easy as WordPress makes tweaking your site, you are constrained by the widgetized areas that a theme offers.


If your theme does not have an established "Header Right" widgetize area you then are looking at theme customization to add that area for your use.   The button part could then be done with a text widget and some CSS.


Did you try adding it after your tagline in Settings > General to see how that looks?  You could separate your tagline by adding a | after it.   Example: Tagline | 555-555-1212


HTH!  Smiley Wink

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