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Can't access website from vodafone broadband

Hi guys,


Just wanted to ask if you have the same issue, I can't access my website from Vodafone broadband, it works via data tethering from my phone, it also works for everyone else but me... also it doesn't work in some countries, what could be the issue there?


Does anyone else have the same problem?

Getting Started

I have the same problem with Vodafone. I have 7 sites with Godaddy and nobody has seen for at least 10 days. I wrote to Vodafone and but still nothing. Do it too, we must insist unfortunately does not depend on Godaddy. I also have the problem with the data connection of the phone when you access the sites through brows facebook

I've already contacted them and the answer was "Vodafone does not support GoDaddy websites" whatever this means...