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Civi CRM within Wordpress

Does Go Daddy not support Civi CRM within Wordpress? I ask as my drop down menu does not work in my site for the Civi CRM extension. When I call in they say they don't support add-ons to Wordpress.  IF that is the case, I will have to switch hosting provider. Does anyone else notice this? 



Rockstar I
Rockstar I

Re: Civi CRM within Wordpress



No matter where you host your site, they will typically not help support 3rd party addons like plugins or themes. You have to go to the plugin or theme developer for the support. Remember, GoDaddy only provides your hosting. It doesn't provide website support. Problem with your server, call GoDaddy. Problem with your website, contact a developer or the people who created your troublesome plugin/theme. That's just the way hosting works.

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