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Contact Form Confirmation, but no emails received



I get a confirmation message below my form but no emails are coming through.  Spam folders have been checked, but there is no email from form.  


Here is the URL:


Any help is appreciated.



Helper VI

Hello @clint_crestview


If my assumption is correct and you are using Contact Form 7, can you please verify the settings you have on your form HERE and tell us if they are the right one?


Good luck. 🙂

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I have same issue. Using contact form 7 and the email ends up with following text in my website admins inbox


[This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be. Learn about spoofing at]


Settings are correct as you suggested, but something in godaddy thinks its spoofing. BTW in staging, that is a clone, it works. Thus what causes that - I would really need a quick answer for that.

I'm having the same issue with not getting any admin notifications - no comments, feedback, new listings, posts, etc - any help would be greatly appreciated.  It worked fine before migrating to Godaddy but now i'm not getting any admin notifications.