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Domain pointed at Wordpress, want to host on GoDaddy

We have a GoDaddy account, which the domain is currently pointed at another host for the Wordpress website.  We do not have FTP access to the other host, but do have WordPress admin access.  The problem is when I install WordPress on GoDaddy and try to log in it takes me to the current host, not GoDaddy.  How can I set it up so I can run WordPress on GoDaddy separate?

Advocate VI

Is your goal to copy the site from the current hosting to the new GD hosting? Best to start with the GD hosting using a temporary domain name while you get the site set up. Then you can log in at your old site at the real domain, and the new version at GD (using the temp domain) simultaneously. When the new version is the way you want it, then you can change the domain name to point to it.