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FREE SSL with Wordpress Package has Disappered

I have purchased a wordpress hosting package that also included a FREE SSL. I have initiated the SSL for one site, and then I revoked it becuased I have changed the name servers of the domain. Later when I wanted to issue SSL certificate for the smae domain, I couldnt find the FREE SSL. Any hints please ?
Helper III

Hello @anabader,


Unfortunately once you have revoked your SSL it is gone for every, but if you did it within the first 30 days of buying one then you are able to request a refund for in store credits. This can be done by contacting the customer service. 


To read more about this:


I hope this helps,

Fee free to ask any other questions!

Harry Brand - Here to help out the community

Thank you for your reply. It is FREE SSL that comes with Wordpress hosting package. I have just purchased the package couple of hours ago. Please advise



Once you revoke your SSL, you cant get it back.


As it is free with the package I presume there wont be any refund, but it is worth contacting support as they may be able to reinstate the SSL as it was free. 


Good luck 🙂

Harry Brand - Here to help out the community