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Helper I
Helper I

Godaddy pro


As anyone already managed to use the option «manage WP» of this new feature? Because I always get a 500 error when try it. Yesterday on chat they told me that this happens because I still didn't configure the  Pro profile. I did that today, at least what  i could because my sites aren't professional are a hobby. But when i was on blogger got used to webmaster tools from Google and would like to try this too.


Community Manager

Hi @mar. I was able to add a Managed WordPress account (in the same GoDaddy account) without issue. What are the details of your situation? Are the sites hosted in your GoDaddy account? On cPanel, WordPress, Plesk? The more information you can provide the better the chances someone else will be able to help. 


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Thanks for your reply. I'm in managed Wordpress. Someone told me, on chat support that the issue was caused because I didn't add any clients and this feature  demands that we have clients.  I created my profile, though but If it is so, Godaddy Pro  it's not for me because I have no clients, my sites are a hobby.