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Hacked and WP Won't Do Anything About It....

My GoDAddy / WordPress website was hacked and has been a PORN site for months now...When I called to ask "WTH??????" I was quoted that it would take hundreds of dollars to correct the problem so it remains  a porn site connected to you! What is particularly curious is that the cost of the site has gone up every year exponentially and this year just days before our renewal date, the site is compromised with NO support to rectify.... only MORE expense? 

Helper IV

Sorry you're having a bad time with your WordPress site. The most common way hackers access your site is through outdated plugins, themes and WordPress core files. The second way they gain access is through weak usernames and passwords. I realize it's too little too late since your site has already been hacked, but ultimately you are responsible for the security on your site, and it will take a few hundred dollars to have it cleaned properly. If it's not cleaned properly the hackers will come right back. 





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Site Doctor 911 is right. I had this happen to me years ago but found out how to fix it.

Let me know if you need assistance.