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How do I add Google tracking code to my Wordpress website

Hi, this is Jim from How do I add Google tracking HTML code to my website?

Thank You,

Super User II

Hey, Jim:


Does your theme have it's own dashboard or options area?  If so there may be a box there to paste the script snippet provided by Google.


If you don't have that option, there's a plugin for that! Here's one I have used:


HTH! Smiley Wink



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This information may help as well.

I paste the code in the header.php file, but there are the plugins (I don't like to trust them) and there is a way to places the code in the functions.php file as well.

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You can easily add GA to your WP website by reading this article: Adding Google Analytics to WordPress blog (for newbie without coding knowledge)




you can use Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights plugin to add the tracking code.