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How to I get about Godaddy upgrading my server?

Hello everyone!


I've installed upgrades to Wordpress plugins and received the following notification:


"requires PHP 5.3 or higher. Your server reports version 5.2.17. Contact your hosting provider about upgrading your server!"


If anyone knows to to approach this issue, I'd much appreciate.


Now, I tried to find GoDaddy customer support email, searched all over the site, did not find it. Luckily, I found it on my inbox, sent an email, and received a generic response that they don't offer support over email anymore only via phone (and my country is not even listed).


How exactly am I suppose to contact GoDaddy when there's something urgent? There used to be email support 24/7 - as it should be for this type of business; in fact, any business, much less internet business which sells such products to an international clientele, should have customer support via email 34/7. How am I suppose to explain certain parts from, say, looking into server issues? Sit on the phone for hours and get enormous phone bill? If there's a problem at 9PM and they are not available till next day, am I suppose to have my site down till then?


I've been with GoDaddy for years, but this one takes the cake. No customer service over email for a such a business?


Anyway, if there's anyone know could address my issue, I'd much appreciate. Thank you.

Community Manager

Welcome to GoDaddy Community, @Violet070!


If you need to update your PHP version, the way forward would depend on what kind of hosting account you have. Please select the type of hosting account you have for further instructions. 


Classic/Web Hosting



Note: It's not currently possible to change your PHP version for Managed WordPress accounts. 


Hope that's helpful!


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