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How to remove the great gray space left by header image in Escapade theme?

I don't want the header image but I don't want the great gray space left by the image too. Is there any way to remove it, so the post would start at the top.

I tried  #masthead { display: none; }, but it removes the sidebar too. I want to keep sidebar and just remove the gray space.

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Hey there @esque,


The only way you'll really be able to modify it the way you want is to rewrite the CSS in the theme header itself to eliminate that. You can do some research on the internet that should provide a plethora of tutorials on how to do that or you could hire a developer. 


If I were you, I'd try to find a comparable theme that does allow you to do what you want. Unfortunately, while there are a lot of great free themes out there, they typically don't come with the customization features you may want built in. I would try to find a good premium theme that's flexible and just save the time by spending some money. Make sure you do thorough research, though. Buying an expensive theme you don't like sucks.

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Thanks for replying, If there is no other option, I am going to search for a new theme.

Thanks anyway.

Warm Regards,