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Installing WordPress 3.5.1

If I download Wordpress 3.5.1 from Wordpress and use it instead of my present WYSIWYG web site builder, do I simply use FTP to put it on the GoDaddy server?


Any issues that may come up?

Community Manager

Hi, @RonJ. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


There are a few ways to install WordPress into a hosting account. However, before getting into that, I would strongly caution you on installing an out of date WordPress version. The majority of WordPress compromises come from security holes. WordPress is frequently updated by its developers to patch these holes. The current version of WordPress is 4.6.1


As for installing WordPress, you can find the manual instructions here. You can also install more recent versions by using the application installer within your hosting account's control panel. If you're not sure how to do that, just search for 'install WordPress' on our Help page and pick the type of account you have. You should be able to find instructions that way. 


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