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Moving From Subdomain To Main Results In 404'S

I followed GoDaddy's instructions to the letter from this page on moving a developed WordPress site from the development domain to the main directory.



But, of course, it didn't work. (I say "of course" because I've had it with GoDaddy and their terrible support, support files, and things just not going as they say they will — installing this initially was hours of heartache, and only worked once I followed another user's directions, and not GoDaddy's).


The Home page comes up, but ALL subsequent pages result in a 404.  I couldn't even log into my admin page at first, and had to use the full "/wp-admin/" URL to log in (and not simply "admin"). I tried the permalink solution (go to Permalinks, and click Save), but that didn't do anything.


There is no htaccess file in my WP root folder, so I added the standard one. Didn't work. I removed it again. No change. 


Edit: I just went through the database and replaced all the old URLs with the new URLs. This did NOT work either. (Example: to


Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix?  Thanks!

Helper V


The steps executed by you are correct, but anyway check the above URL and follow the steps...


Looking forward to hear from you




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support