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Hi everybody, I need to increase media posting size, and cannot not find PHP.ini file to edit, I am assuming I don't have one as have searched. How do I create/edit one on cPanel or create one on my mac to upload and to where etc. I have one IP with several sub domains, with thanks for any answers


Re: PHP.ini

HI @crazyhead


Thank you for your post. To create a PHP.ini file, access your cpanel's file manager and click new file. Name the file php.ini. Once created copy and paste your script directly into the file and save.  Alternatively, use Notepad  or a similar program to paste your script. Save the file on your local machine and use the file manager to upload the .txt file, then simple rename the file from php.txt to php.ini


Hope this helps!




Increase wordpress max Item edit through .htaccess

Does the host have a limit on posts Im dealing with 40,000+ items so 1,000 at a time is a bit tedious to work with adding this code to .htaccess does nothing php_value max_input_vars 5000 php_value 5000 php_value suhosin.request.max_vars 5000

Re: PHP.ini

Hi there, 


I'm on managed wordpress hosting, and thus don't have access to cpanel. How and where should I put my php.ini on wordpress hosting, and is it still called php.ini or something else (I read somewhere that user.ini or something like that should be used)?