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Plesk and Wordpress with AVADA theme

The website isn't working under AVADA wordpress theme. What  I get is 500 Internal Server Error. I have tried any solution out there which change the the file permissions, rename plugins folder, change .htaccess, re-install wordpress and upload AVADA theme inside but still no luck.


But when I change the hosting type to CGI, the site isn't really working, but i need write the address with index.php. But the website is build using SEO friendly address like (without index.php). So this isnt a solution. So i changed back to FastCGI with PHP 5.6.


I think plesk isnt good with some of premium theme of Wordpress. The theme is not working!!!


Hello @rlimansyah!


Thank you for posting. Have you tried contacting the theme creator to see if they have anything to suggest? Perhaps one of our other community members will have more input as well.


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@rlimansyah here are the requirements for AVADA Theme.

By default Gogaddy may not be using the recomended version. Try switching to the latest version of php and see if that helps.