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Posts missing schedules

We have a busy schedule of WP posts on a daily basis and they are all missing the scheduled date and time set to publish.

What can be done about this. Go Daddy have no support on this topic.


Hey @GASkinner,


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Were you able to get this worked out on your end, yet? If so, do let us know what happened and what you did to correct it. I'm sure other members who might encounter this on their own sites would appreciate the solution.


If you're still having trouble with your published dates not appearing in live posts, then you may want to provide a little more detail on the situation so other WordPress members have a better understanding of the issue and the specific error messages you're encountering. Be sure to let us know what you've already tried to correct it on your own so folks don't suggest a route you've already attempted. 


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We have as yet not sorted out the source of the problem but have found an interim solution via a plugin - "Scheduled Post Trigger". Without this plugin though the problem persists.


Here is some additional info:

  • Posts are scheduled for publishing every day on our site, typically at around 05:45am in the morning EST (see attached).
  • We could have a posts scheduled out for at least two weeks into the future at any time.
  • Every morning the schedule is checked and every morning we find that the posts remain unpublished with the message "Schedule Missed"
  • On our previous theme this worked without any problems.
  • We have not found any of the plugin in use to be problematic in this case and we are a bit restricted in that we have a very busy site and changing themes and removing plugins is not always possible. Any further ideas from you would be most welcome.

I hope this info helps to sort out this problem.