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Redo site in WordPress or redirect to a new WP site.

My existing site was built on MS Front Page.  It is old and dated.  I want to redo my website in WordPress.  My existing site is an established site with good SEO.  I don't know if it is better to install WordPress on the existing site or redirect to a new Wordpress site .  Do I need to obtain a similar web domain address to build the new site in wordpress and redirect the old site address to the new address built on wordpress?

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Re: Redo site in WordPress or redirect to a new WP site.



Whenever you redo a site, the SEO can be impacted.  No way around that.  But at a certain point you have to make the decision if an outdated MSFP site even with "good SEO" is going to produce as well as a contemporary updated shiny new WordPress site where you have the opportunity for great SEO.  I think the latter!


My thoughts...


=> Time to redo from FrontPage!  So good move there! 😉


=> If you redo the site in WordPress it's basically a new site regardless.  Even if you can install it in the root of your current host -- the URLs will all be different.


=> You'll want to note your current site's page URLs and then do 301 redirects to the corresponding new page on your WordPress site.  This will guide search engines to the new site pages.


=>  If you are locked into your current host, you can work on your WordPress site by accessing it via IP.  You accomplish this by modifying your computer's hosts file.  Then once the new site is ready, you simply have your current domain to point to the WordPress install.

=> Better yet go with a Managed WordPress host.  This way you get a temporary URL to work on your site until you are ready to launch.  And the built-in security and resources to support WordPress' unique requirements.  When you are ready, you move the domain over to your new hosting for the site and do your 301 redirects there with a plugin.


HTH! 😉



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Re: Redo site in WordPress or redirect to a new WP site.

Thank you @Muse! This gives me good direction.