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Replace current website contents with an offline wordpress website, keeping the same godaddy domain?

Disclaimer! I'm still new to this and know I am probably not using the appropriate terms, but I'll try to be as clear as possible. 

I created a wordpress website for my mother on a local server. Now that I am done building it, I want to transfer it to her existing domain. She already has a website on that domain, that was created by someone else, not using wordpress. I have been following tutorials on how to go live with wordpress from a local server, but I'm having trouble finding information on how to delete or replace the contents that are already "attached" to her domain. I am pretty lost, does anyone have tips or information on how to go about this?


Hi @AliceSophieCaro

If the GoDaddy domain is hosted with us as well, you will need to remove the domain from the hosting account first. If it's not hosted with us, you'll want to check out this community thread, where the issue was already addressed here

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