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Service Unavailable - HTTP Error 503

seeing service unavailable 503 error on my domain

Community Manager

Hi @eric786.  Welcome to GoDaddy Community! That error usually indicates that the website is trying to use more resources than what is available on the site. If this is for a WordPress site, I'd suggest trying to install a caching plugin. That is a pretty common fix for WordPress 503 errors. If it's not a WordPress site, please provide more details on the situation. Others may have additional suggestions. 


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I am getting the same thing. Over two dozen times I have seen this error.

Constantly losing changes.


My website and control panel is very slow as well.

I was on Windows hosting. Slow.

Changed to Linux hosting. Slow.

Changed to managed wordpress hosting. No difference!


Increase memory limit to 256M successfully. No difference!

Un-installed all un-used plugins, plugins I use are resource intensive but are used common and used by thousands with no issues. Paid for premium plugins.

Reactivated Cachify plugin. No difference!


Is this GoDaddy? Am I wasting my time and money by purchasing new hosting options?

Easily takes me 10x as long to do what I need to do, that's when I am not getting the 503 error.


Have you done anything to increase your PHP execution limits? Also you said that you were using some very intense plugins with regard to memory. 256M is not much for a large application. For example the theme Avada requires approximately 256MB for one of its demos and that is without adding any plugins. For my largest application I am now running on a business Enterprise cpanel server where I set my WordPress memory to a minimum of 2 gig and add caching. I use comet cache, and wp-rocket is getting outstanding reviews.

Hope this helps,
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