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Site won't flush cache

When making a change to update links in pages of my site the changes do not update.  If I flush cache using the godaddy flush cache tool, the page updates, but if I return to that same page.  The update is not permanent and the previous code exists. 


When I add ?nocache=1 to the end of url, I get a page with the correct version of the code... when I refresh without the ?nocache=1 I get the old version of the code. 


When I check in a fresh previously unused browser window I see the old code, based on this experience "flush cache" in the godaddy tool is not working. 


I have deactivated all plugins, (which essentially shuts my business down completely) to no-avail, caching issue remains with our with out plugins.  Any code updates, plugin removals etc all work fine until the browser refreshes and I'm served the cached version of the site which does not work.   Any assistance would be appreciated. 


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Are you by chance using Firefox?  If so try pressing Ctrl F5 and see if that works for you!  On some of my Managed WordPress hosting sites I have to do that *after* flushing the GoDaddy cache.


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But the issue is that I know that there is cache problem, but when I am sharing the same link with other people, they are also getting the older version of website
They are my clients , they are not aware that there is cache issue or what, so all this creating a wrong impression of mine over my clients..

Is there any way to clear all this cache using some plugin or other coding way?

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Did you try the Flush Cache option in the GoDaddy drop-down on the WordPress top-of-page Admin bar?


If you still feel the cache isn't being cleared, give support a call so they can look into this for you.


As far as your clients, you can avoid the wrong impression by educating them on caching.  They need to be aware of what caching is and how to clear it after site changes are made as well as in their browsers.  This is information they need to know and part of being online and having a website.


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"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin