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Sites slow to unavailible

Hi all, New here and not a webmaster so struggling. Hope you don't mind me asking a question.


Most of my godaddy hosted sites have suddenly gone very slow and/or will not load at all. could someone please check them out for me to see if its local or if its the sites please.


This one is very very slow


I cannot access these at all and more worrying I cannot access the wp admin page either.


Thank you in advance for any help offered



Helper III

Hello @slartibardfast,


Web sites seem to be fine for me. I would recommend doing a network speed test. Use and post back the results here and we can get a better idea as it may just be a bad connection at your end! 

Harry Brand - Here to help out the community

Hi and thank you for the reply.


Speed ok here 36meg down 9meg up


Only my sites seem affected, if I go elsewhere everything is fine


regards and thanks for the help





They are all word press sites if that makes a difference?

I have checked on two pc's in ie11 and chrome and my phone via 4g

See for me it is taking around 3-4 seconds to load the website, and I have a fairly bad connection. When the average load speed is around 3 seconds this isn't bad at all. It is also loading fairly fast on my 3g connection.


This is strange because you say it is both slow/unreachable on your home network and 4G. The only real advice I can offer would be to optimise your images for as they are quite large. I would use a tool like this: But even still, if your website was loading fine before hand then it is strange.


I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help and I hope your able to fix the issue. Hopefully it is just a temporary issue that should fix its self. 


If the issues persist I would speak to the GoDaddy support team,

Thank you



Harry Brand - Here to help out the community
Helper V

I would recommend running a website speedtest.

Here are some sites you can use to test your website speed


Sucuri Load Time Tester - used to test website performance from around the world.

PageSpeed Insights - This will test your site and list any issues for both Mobile or Desktop and provides tips on how to fix.

Pingdom Website Speed Test - This test  your site and points out any issues encountered while loading. 

Biggest issue I am seeing with your site is the size and number of request made.


Requests by domain
commonwoodfishery.com89.3 %50
fonts.googleapis.com3.6 %2
fonts.gstatic.com3.6 %2 %1
www.gstatic.com1.8 %1
Total100.00 %56
Content size by content type
Script39.8 %588.02 KB
CSS26.5 %391.42 KB
Image25.3 %374.07 KB
HTML4.3 %63.09 KB
Other4.1 %61.16 KB
Total100.00 %1.44 MB