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Spam site showing up when using search engine to search for my website

Hey guys,


I'm having trouble when searching for my web site "modminerals" using any search engine available online. On searching for either keywords or the website, the first search which shows up is for a medical company which when selected it redirects to their page with my domain showing in the url "". Have i been hacked? how do i solve this? please help! 


Hi @modminerals


Thank you for your post. From what you have explained it sounds like there may have been an injection to the .htaccess file for your website which is creating a redirect rule. This most commonly occurs on websites that use wordpress as the engine. 


The good news is that it can easily be remedied by disabling the .htaccess file or replacing it with a default .htaccess file. This file may be found in the root websites directory within your hosting account. 


After this change is made, be sure to update the  username/password for the admin access of your site as well as the FTP username/password.


Afterwards. you may need to have the search engines rescan your site so that their index may repopulate the data for your site. 


Hope this helps!