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Velux Theme Issue in mobile version: Page title is on top of the menu

Hi there, I'm just starting with my website using Wordpress with domain and hosting from, I decided to try a free theme and I have chosen the Velux Theme.

After a while working and check everything (OCD), I found out that the mobile version doesn't work properly: when you visit the website homepage IT'S GREAT, but when you start clicking on other sections as a "gallery" (galería de fotos), blog, "contact me" (contáctate conmigo), etc., the title of the page is covering the menu and you are not able to click it and go to another section.

I have some screenshots, sorry because it's in Spanish, but you can obviously see the issue in the menu (mobile version)

Please, can you help me? Or at least tell me if there is nothing to do about it and I can try now another theme and not when my website is finished.

Please, help me!!! Thanks a lot in advance :-)!


Have a nice day!!



PS: I tried to upload the photos in this message but it doesn't work, so I used a external website, please check it out! (Also, please be aware I couldn't change the link opening in a new window, so if you just click the links below it'll open on this page...)


Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3




Hello @JuanMendizabal!


Thank you for posting and for being so detailed in your description of your issue! The only thing I can think of is that the theme isn't scripted to work on mobile correctly. Have you tried looking up the theme's creator to see if they have a website or support available? That may be a good place to start. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Hello @Heather

Thank you for your answer, I thought that the creator of the Velux Theme was godaddy!! I'll send a message to the real creators haha, and If I'll get some new answer I'll post them here!!

Have a nice day!



EDIT: In the theme section of my dashboard, I found that is Godaddy the creator of the theme. Can you check that?

Same problem for me, did you find a solution?