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WordPress Easy WP SMTP and Office365 settings

Attempting to set up Easy WP SMTP to send newsletters from my site, but I get variations of "connection failed(111)" errors on any combination of outgoing SMTP servers and authentication options, except one. My only successful set up is;


SMTP Host;

Type of Encryption; None

SMTP Port; 25

SMTP Authentication; No


The MAJOR problem is that these settings are failing the automated spam filters for my clients, as the address appears to be "spoofed" to spam filters. NOT a good look for a business.


I need a solution within WordPress that authenticates the outgoing message with my Office365 credentials, so that my customers feel completely safe getting emails from my business.




Hello @xarmanno!


Thank you for posting. I've moved your post to a board where it should get more attention from folks who can help. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Where did you move the post to? It would be helpful to know so one could get answers.