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Wordpress GoDaddy 100% CPU usage fault

Hi All,

I have a simple website using Wordpress that is still being developed, and with few visits.


There seems to be a fault that is happening every few hours and sending the CPU usage above it's limit, meaning the website can't be accessed.


I have a developer making the site and she is adamant that she has made 100s of sites and never had this problem.  She has disabled plugins and re-installed one by one but cannot find an error.  She thinks that it is an error with the hosting.  I have called GoDaddy 3 times and they aren't able to narrow down what is causing the error.


How can we find out what is causing it?  This has wasted a lot of time.



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Re: Wordpress GoDaddy 100% CPU usage fault

Hi @sarah11 ,

What hosting platform are you using?   You may need to up your server resources.


Second, look closely at any cron activities especially those with an api call associated with it.   I've had problems when an  inventory synchronization was in progress and site performance tanked.  That situation was indeed because I did not have the server resources to handle the load. 


Hope this helps,


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