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Wordpress site no longer connected to domain

 Hi there, I haven't logged in for a while but I renewed my domain for another couple of years. Except my wordpress site doesn't seem to be connected to my domain name anymore? I can't find it anywhere.

Is this a godaddy issue or a wordpress issue?

domain is


Re: Wordpress site no longer connected to domain

I have gotten info from and that it is a hosting issue. I would like my site restored please as there was no reason for it to be deleted??

How do I go about this as the chat doesn't seem to work and I am in Australia. 

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Re: Wordpress site no longer connected to domain



Only GoDaddy support can help you with this... No one here has access to your account to know what is going on.


Maybe you inadvertently allowed your hosting to expire?


Depending on the time-frame involved, it may not be possible to restore your site as that is a request that needs to be made as soon as possible.


If chat isn't "on" for you, what you can do is when you go to the Global Support page is to change the country you are from to United States and see if that gives you access the chat feature.

Top left of the screen you'll find a drop down that allows you to designate your country, change it to United States.


HTH! 😉


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