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Wordpress upload local website

Hello everyone,

I almost complete my wordpress website in local using XAAMP.

After this I purchase "wordpress" hosting in godaddy.

In first screen  I see 2 options:

a) import website from live existing website (not my case, as i have everything in local, i try to just put "localhost" but it requires a i cant choose this option.

b) create website from scratch


I choose option B, after wordpress from scratch is configurated, I connected by ftp to the server.

I try to delete all folders from server (wp-admin , wp-content, etc) in order to upload my local website, but I dont have rights to delete anything from server.

I try to change permission by filezilla to 777, but error message "you dont have authorization to change permission on server".


How can I upload my local website ?

Thanks for your help

Resolver I

Re: Wordpress upload local website

Do you have cPanel? If you do, try to delete the files from the cPanel File Manager.

Resolver II

Re: Wordpress upload local website

You definitely need to do it from cPanel and from there you need to delete, upload new files and create your database.

Here is a step-by-step guide:


  1. Go to cPanel
  2. Go to File Manager
  3. Delete Existing Wordpress Files
  4. GO to cPanel FTP Accounts
  5. create username, set password
  6. DIrectory: be sure to change it and set it home/cpanelusername/
  7. With this you will have access to delete files and upload them through filezilla
  8. Go to filezilla: host: username: password: password
  9. You will now be able to upload all your local wordpress files

Database Creation:

  1. Go to cpanel
  2. Go to mysql databases
  3. create new database
  4. create database name
  5. add database user
  6. add password
  7. after this process add user to database and click add !
  8. Go to cpanel 
  9. go to phpmy admin
  10. select your database
  11. click upload
  12. upload your sql file

Last Step:

  1. Go to filezilla 
  2. go to your wordpress path
  3. go to wp-config.php file
  4. edit and insert your database information
  5. host leave it localhost


Premton Xhafa 🙂
Community Contributor